Need some wine for your party or special event?

Photo Credit:  Joshua Meador

Photo Credit: Joshua Meador

we can help you get the party going ! 

Whether you are planning a wedding, reunion, or a fantastic dinner party in the Portland area, we can help provide the wine!

You will save money on fantastic french wines 


We can help you choose the wines from our portfolio which best suit your menu, taste, and budget. 

We will also let you know where you can locate the wines around town so you can continue to enjoying bottles you liked without having to purchase such large quantities again.

However, we do have to abide by some special Oregon Liquor Law constraints:

1) orders have to be between 21 - 277 bottles of wine at one time. If this quantity range does not work for you, please purchase through with our awesome retail partners 

2) we sadly aren't allowed to deliver, so you'll will have to pick up your wine from our warehouse in downtown Portland  

3) our wine can not be re-sold 

If this sounds up your alley, let's get started! 

Please note, in order to preserve our retail partner relationships, we cannot disclose individual bottle prices but will instead work with you on maximizing your budget and wine selection as a whole.